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Are You Wondering What Your Honey Is Doing?

There has been more and more attention given to the natural healing effects of honey in recent years, but the most controversial of all is Manuka Honey from New Zealand and a skin care company in Florida is taking advantage of it!

Manuka honey comes from bees that pollinate the native manuka bush. Advocates say it has near miraculous healing capabilities and treats wound infections and countless other conditions. The popularity of the Manuka Honey is skyrocketing due to glowing reports of it helping everything from cancer to reducing high cholesterol, treating gastrointestinal problems, acid reflux and even diabetes. Sales are soaring, and global demand is far exceeding supply, as movie stars and leading sports figures have given  ManukaHoney enthusiastic thumbs up.

But Manuka Honey is rare and prices keep going up, so with only about 1,700 tons produced annually, so how is it that 10,000 tons are sold annually each year?

“There is a lot of fake Manuka Honey out there as well as Manuka Honey which is called “active” but has never gone through laboratory testing to ensure its validity” says Chris Estey, the founder of GoodOnYaTM Organic Skin and Hair Care products based on Manuka Honey and other natural ingredients. Mr Estey has been formulating and manufacturing cosmetics and skin care for more than 30 years. “Our Manuka honey is imported from New Zealand beekeepers who use the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) Certification which maintains the integrity of the honey and tests each batch for the unique Methylglyoxal content which makes the honey so effective and antibacterial.”

GoodOnYa has been selling at trade fairs and medical shows throughout the US to introduce their natural healing products to the medical industry and the public for the last 4 years. Here is an example of the type of results the company says they hear every day:

 “I used the Skin Treat Cream on my eyelids and around my eyes to see how it would affect my wrinkles. After a few days, I happened to be driving, and I suddenly realized that my vision had changed. I had a slight cloudiness in my vision and a bit of a puffy feeling that was no longer there. I wish I had gone to the eye doctor already, so I could document the difference however, I definitely noticed the change which is just awesome! Thanks for introducing this product to me!”

— Jeannie Blakely

 “The company has also been selling on their” website:, and have just introduced their products on Amazon

And, yes, if you want to find out what all the fuss is about and buy some pure New Zealand UMF Certified Authentic Manuka Honey, they sell that too!