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No Such Thing As "Old Skin"

I am 52.  My skin, my 22-year-old daughter's skin, my 72-year-old mom's skin are all the same age.  Seven years old.  Every cell in your body is replaced in full every 7 years.  The brain cells are the only ones that never get refreshed.  Once gone, it's over for them. So, if every cell in your body is constantly undergoing cellular renewal and replacement, why do we begin to look old?  It's called cellular memory, and, the good news, they can forget!  You see, when you get a sunburn, a cut, stretch marks, a scar etc., you are damaging your skin cell.  In the case of a sunburn, the cell can actually mutate.  It becomes something else.  Continued mutation and it's called skin cancer.

Also, about age 40 our skin stops making collagen and elastin.  Collagen holds it together, and elastin makes it stretch and go back in place.  When they are gone, skin begins to sag and lose elasticity.  Compound that with a lot of bad cellular memories, and voilà!  Wrinkles, age spots and droopy skin.

But, remember I told you that cells are replaced and can forget?  

How, you may ask?  Yes, there is good news.  You see, you can reboot the memory!  Pre Programmed in every cell in your body is a healthy you!  A healthy cell.  Your DNA (genetic code) contains the answers.  In fact, ANYTHING that goes wrong in your body (disease, infection, virus, acne, dermatitis, eczema, cancer etc.) you have the ability to heal.  

So, just how would one go about rebooting?  The answer lies in nature.  There are specific vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and amino acids that each cell absorbs during mitosis (where the cell replicates itself and divides; thus creating a new identical cell).

Given the exact right combination of those nutrients, the body will do its job and reboot back to the correct genetic code.

Where would one go about finding the exact right synergistic combination of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and amino acids to feed to the skin cells?

 Well, that's the information we used to develop the GoodOnYa Manuka Honey Skin Treat.  Then, we supercharged those nutrients with Manuka Honey!