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Small Batch Skincare

natural ingredients small batch skincare

First, what does it mean by small batch? From the term itself, it means that products are produced in smaller amounts. This ensures the freshness of the ingredients used and that the quality of the product is really high.

Huge companies often make their products in large batches to cut their cost in production. This also means that their products need longer shelf lives and will require preservatives so that they can store their products for years, like parabens and petrol - these are known harmful chemicals to skin.. And since they are commercial companies that persuade consumers through powerful advertising, they usually cut their expenses on the ingredients, too. This means using cheaper preservatives and other chemicals that may harm your skin in the long run.

Small-batch skincare products are made with fresh, natural ingredients and only use natural preservatives, sometimes no preservatives at all, and only use essential oils to prevent bacteria naturally. Aside from that, small-batch skincare product companies are conscious of environmental sustainability and make products that are not harmful to consumers and the environment.

GoodOnYa produces small-batch products to ensure potency and effectivity of the products. This means that you will get maximum benefits upon each use. We only use high-quality natural and organic ingredients, ensuring the safety of our products because we only want the best for you - healthy, nourished, and beautiful hair and skin!