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    Satisfaction Guarantee and Return Policy

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    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Since it takes about 3 months for the bottom layer of skin to come to the top… you really do not see the full results until one cycle of the skin renewal process.  Some skin conditions may require several cycles.  

    We have seen miracle results uniformly with faithful use.

    Additionally, what you are doing with the products is helping your skin to defend itself from the harsh alkaline soaps and chemicals you use on a daily basis.

    Your skin is 5.5 pH and soaps, scrubs, shampoos, cleaning products etc. are all nearly 9-11 pH.  Thus, you are continually stripping the acid layer from your skin.  Some people buy our cream to help their skin, but continue using harsh chemical products from the drug store  with sulfates, parabens, petroleum, fragrance etc.  One step forward two steps back.

    So, to use it only for a few weeks and say it isn't working, doesn't really give your skin a fair chance to get all the nutrition and see the bottom layer come to the top.
    We suggest using it for a full 3 months or more before you give up… it costs you nothing, and you may become very very happy indeed.

    Additionally, by using GoodOnYa (instead of products with Sulfates, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Fragrance, Propylene Glycol) you are helping the environment and keeping your body away from cancer causing chemicals.  Maybe you got use to the way the other products felt, but this one is far better for you.

    So, try continuing to use it and we are sure you will be happy.

    If you do decide to return it… send it along with a copy of your receipt to:

    1245 N Hercules Ave
    Clearwater, FL33765


    Make sure to tell us what product you want to receive in replacement.

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