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Manuka Honey Face & Body Wash
Toni Stone
Good on ya’s Manuka Honey Face and Body Wash!

Manuka Honey Face and Body Wash has changed my husbands life! I’m not exaggerating. He has suffered with dry and peeling skin on his face for years. He has Rosacea and dermatitis. We’ve tried many products and many prescription products. Good on Ya’s Manuka Honey Face and Body Wash and Manuka Honey Face and Body Cream has made his face less red, no flaking skin and no more itching! It has literally changed his life!

Love the stuff

Manuka Honey Face & Body Wash
Bebe Nelson
Great product

I have used this product and other products in this particular line for several years. Have tried others, but always go back to Good On Ya'

repeat purchase

I have used this product for years. I love it and its results for my skin.

Still using it

I tend to get dark patches and this keeps them at bay without the chemicals the dermatologist wanted me to use. Thankful for it.

Love the Manuka Honey Moisturizing Cream. I’ve ordered and used this cream before. My family also loves the shampoo and conditioner. My sister and I learned of your products at a flower show about an hour outside of Chicago ten or so years ago. Thank you. Candace Nicholas.


Helps my dry. Skin


love your products!

Manuka Honey Face & Body Wash
Sandy Belmondo
My favorite for a gentle all natural face wash

I have used Good on ya products for at least 5 years. I appreciate the natural ingredients and gentleness of the face and body wash for my "aging" skin. I would recommend it!

Love it!

I have dealt with dry, flake skin since I was a teenager. My skin is quite sensitive. I have had redness and reactions to
high quality skin care products before. This product is very gentle but it completely removes dead skin cells and leaves my skin so soft! It is not an abrasive microdermabrasion but it takes care of my dry skin like nothing else. I started using the moisturizer originally for itchy, red, flaky patches of skin on my face. The moisturizer completely cleared that up so then I purchased this and I can't say enough good things about it!!!


Great service

Manuka Honey Skin Cream

Day Cream - Great Product

I love the day cream! Just received 2 tubs of the night cream for the first time and noticed the expiration date is May. Disappointed because I know I will not use all of the product by that time!

Manuka Honey Face & Body Wash
Sonis A.
Great Product for Dry Skin

I have very dry skin, and after using any other product, the skin on my face feels tight and dry. But when I use GoodOnYa' Face & Body Wash, my skin feels soft and looks clear even before I add face cream. You need only a little, so a bottle lasts a long time.

Kakadu Skin Cream
Elsbeth Pryer Diehl
Wonderful face cream

I must admit that I had my doubts this cream would warrant the price, but I was so wrong! It’s perfect for post-menopausal skin; I’ve had trouble finding face creams that work for my skin but that aren’t too greasy. I spray an Andalou (there are several) face toner on my face first and then apply the Kakadu. It’s absorbed nicely into my skin within about 10-15 minutes. I highly recommend this face cream.

Works for me

I have used several jars of this cream and depend on it to keep my skin soft. I have not been disappointed. I make sure I don't run out. Thank you!!!

Healing in a jar!

This is a great product I first purchased at a county fair 5 or 6 years ago. I use it all over my body as well as my face. It is super hydrating and really soothes my psoriasis. The fragrance is wonderful.

Desert Bliss
Rebecca Oatts


this skin cream has healing properties

It is fantastic for helping to heal even terribly chapped hands!!!

Manuka Honey Face & Body Wash
Beth Teague

I've been using this face and body wash for years. I have very sensitive skin. It's so gentle and doesn't contribute to drying. I'm 60 years old and people always say I don't look it because of my skin

A great cream

The cream is absorbed and not washed off. I have been using this cream several, great cream. I use after a shower, your skin feels very soft and hydrated, in fact my doctor told me that I have skin that is very well hydrated. My husband also started using and now he see an improvement to his skin texture.
This cream is great!!!

Like It

It keeps my skin softer.

Desert Bliss
Elizabeth White

Love this moisturizer. I have very dry skin and this cream makes my skin feel like silk.

Manuka Honey Face & Body Wash
Elizabeth White

Cleanser is so mild it makes my face feel like silk. Great for removing make up even eye makeup so is great for traveling.

Manuka Rejuvenation Serum
Pat Blazick-Peterson
Love this product!

smooth hydrated skin. No sticky feeling. Lasts the whole day.