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    Smells Nice

    Really great moisturizer and detangling


    Seriously... I had my doubts about this product. The packaging just looks cheap on the picture (dollar store quality), but I read the reviews on it while searching for a moisturizer that was heavy enough to hydrate my skin (I suffer from occasional adult cystic acne & the treatments leave areas of my face dry), but light enough to not cause new blemishes.
    When I opened the box I was floored by the size of the jar... It's huge!
    When I opened the jar the first thing I thought was "there's NO WAY I'm putting this on my face"! It looked thick and clumpy & I was positive I could feel my pores clogging just from looking at the stuff.
    But I started playing with it and the small amount I tested on my hand convinced me to try it on my face. It's amazing!!! I use this on my whole body and face with fantastic results.
    I've noticed it's better for my face than body, but I use it all over because it has so man good qualities!

    This is fragrance free, non greasy, and absorbs instantly leave your skin silky smooth and soft.


    I love this product. I got it by my sisters recommendation because our kids had issues falling to sleep... starting using these drops and after a week they started to get better and better .. now, it takes Max of 30 mins for them to get the zzzz

    Good Stuff!

    In the winter, my skin hurts from the dryness caused by dry air and temperature extremes coupled with old age. I purchased this during a special deal offer and didn't expect much. I was blown away by the very first results. I used t at night and found that it absorbed easily and left no greasy residue. The next morning, some bumps on my skin were minimized and my crepey skin felt plump! I have since started using it on my hands too and it has helped with cracked cuticles.

    The ingredients and product is amazing!

    This product I highly recommend!! It’s helped my psoriasis and scalp tremendously! My hair feels so soft and my scalp feels amazing!

    My skin itched often due to an auto-immune condition. This really helps.

    itchy skin

    No oily yucky feeling!!!

    I have been using this for years. I have "texture" issues. If I can feel the slightest film on my hands, I have to go wash them. I just feel like silk when I use this! We use this stuff on any skin issue. Great for my daughters with eczema, and no grease mess on whatever they touch! It is IN the skin. I also LOVE their customer service. Wonderful company. Will always be ordering again.

    Miracle worker for itchy scalp after hair coloring

    After coloring my hair, my scalp used to itch for days. I tried many different shampoos and conditioners, but nothing helped. This one was low on my list of products to try, because it is marketed for hair loss prevention. But fortunately I tried it, and found that it completely prevented the itch!The shampoo gets my hair nice and clean, and the conditioner does a great job when I rinse it out right away. If I leave it in for a few minutes (which I only do immediately after coloring, to repair the damage from the hair color), it does weigh down my hair and make it fairly flat. The rest of the time, with the quick rinse-out, it leaves my hair nicely conditioned and full of body.

    Get some ZZZZ

    Put oil into a disfusser let it relax your sleep it works

    Seems to work but strong smell

    *** Update... I have been using this exclusively at night and can honestly say this is the best moisturizer I have ever used. My skin is soft and supple and the wrinkles on my face are not as pronounced. I have sensitive skin but have have not had any negative reactions.**Just opened the jar. I tried it on one arm and after a few hours compared it to the other. The crepe-like appearance of the skin on the arm with the cream is almost gone. My face feels soft, smooth, and non-greasy. It will take a while to get used to the "unscented" scent which is hard to describe. I'm going to give it a while and see what happens.

    A must have

    Amazing product. Highly recommend for face and body use. Well worth every cent.

    AWESOME for DRY Hands

    I purchased this cream in January 2019 and have been using it here and there but I now use it more often because I placed it on my desk. I use a lot of bleach when cleaning and washing dishes and rarely use gloves; consequently, my hands are exceptionally dry. Usually, I have to wash my hands, dry them and then hydrate them in order for them to feel moisturized. That is not the case with this product. I can arbitrarily pick it up and use it and my hands will be nice and moisturized. It works even better after I've washed my hands while they still have some level of moisture from being washed. I purchased this in 2019 and finally decided to use it, as I purchase quite a few things. This item will be a regular purchase for me. It is AWESOME. The scent is what I would consider lemon-lavender. It is non-greasy and does not take a lot to obtain the desired results. I'm very impressed with this product. I saw that someone showed a product with mold; my product is 17 months old and it shows absolutely no signs of mold. It has maintained its consistency and scent.

    Smells clean

    The cream has a nice consistency and smells clean, I have extremely dry skin and I really hope this helps. I need to use it a while before I can tell. So far, so good. I did buy another jar of the cream.

    Not Oily

    I hate moisturizers that leave an oily film on my skin that won't rub in. This moisturizes without feeling "goopy" when rubbed in. I like that it is not full of chemical garbage also and that it is not perfumed.

    Highly recommended.

    Works great for thin hair and itchy scalp. Only brand of shampoo and conditioner I will use.

    Great product!!

    I can’t say enough about this product. I bought it for my sister who has breast cancer and had lost all of her hair due to chemo. As soon as her hair started growing back she started using this and not only did it help her hair to grow faster but it was so shiny and healthy looking. She tried other brands like this but none of them even compared to this brand. Also my mother has mostly grey hair and this made her hair so lively shiny and healthy looking too.

    Keeping more hair on my head and it is healthier now too!

    I have been using this product (both the shampoo and conditioner) for 5 months. I still have product in my bottles and only need to reorder the shampoo at this time. I definitely see less hair on the counter and hoping that I have new growth coming through (not just breakage- another bottle will let me know). The shampoo requires the use of more product if my hair has a lot of styling products on it; however, it does lather very well. I believe this product is healthy for my hair and the environment and am so glad I found it. Be patient.

    Good products

    I like these. They are helping with my hair loss due to medication

    Best skin cream ever!

    I love everything about Good on Ya!!


    Very nice product. It def moisturizes. The smell isn't my favorite, but at least it doesnt have fragrance.

    Yep, I’m a repeat buyer, now.

    This is my 2nd container. It works great, but doesn’t smell the best in my opinion. Usually the scent is a top factor in me purchasing again, but this stuff really is awesome, so I just ignore it. Definitely recommend for people with sensitive or oily skin.

    Good stuff!

    This is the first shampoo, and I have tried many, that actually, noticeably reduced hair loss. No fragrance is a plus.

    Night Cream

    I love this product. It absorbed nicely and makes my skin feel great.

    The ingredients and product is amazing!

    This product I highly recommend!! It’s helped my psoriasis and scalp tremendously! My hair feels so soft and my scalp feels amazing!

    great for psoriasis or eczema

    perfect for my special needs. Very gentle, not heavy, can use several times a day if needed. Keeps my rashy skin under control.