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Microdermabrasion Vs. Chemical Peel

Microdermabrasion or chemical peel?  Which is better?  Safer?  Most effective?

Microdermabrasion or dermabrasion typically consists of using tiny grains of salt, sugar, or nutshells to take away the top dead layer of skin cells.  Chemical peel does the same thing by using acid to burn it off chemically.  

In either case, you can help diminish fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration, dark spots, and minor scarring.  But, depending on the strength of the acid used in the chemical peel, you can sometimes go too far.  It is a sort of minor surgery in that you wind up with a 2nd degree burn which can cause infection, swelling, pain and even crusting.  Some patients report redness, skin discoloration (lighter or darker) or scarring.  

The best course of action would consist then of a microdermabrasion combined with a very light acid.  

Remember, your skin PH is slightly acidic anyway at 5.5 PH (water is neutral at 7).  So, if you bring the microdermabrasion PH down to say, 4.5 with natural fruit acids, and don't use large grains, but microscopic natural powders, you would have the best of both worlds.  

If an organic natural version of this could be made, and one could do microdermabrasion at home in just 5 minutes, that would be amazing.  

Guess what?  That's what we did with the GoodOnYa Microdermabrasion Scrub!